Five Carry-On Essentials for Travelers Who Love to Pack Light


With baggage fees and flight delays on the rise, carry-on travel has become more survival tactic than lifestyle choice. Beyond saving money, flying with only a carry-on prevents bags from getting lost in handling, and gives you more flexibility in case of cancellation, as planes are frequently grounded by weather that poses no threat to a train, bus, or car.

Packing a whole trip’s worth into a small bag is often a challenge, but it gets easier with the right accessories. Here are a few suggestions to help.


If you’re comfortable carrying loads, a travel backpack fits about 33 percent more stuff into the same external dimensions as a four-wheeled carry-on suitcase.


Stuffing clothes into a compression sack before packing them into a larger bag helps maximize capacity. However, compression causes wrinkles, so pack accordingly.


Compressed, the Freerain24 occupies only as much space as a balled up pair of socks, yet it unfolds into a full-size, waterproof backpack once unpacked.


Although this multiport USB charger is about the size and price of a regular iPad charger, it can simultaneously charge up to four devices.


A collapsible bottle provides all the hydration you need, with none of the packing-space penalty of a regular water bottle.

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