Lady Gaga Galvanizes Fans In Cyber-Max Enigma Concert In Vegas Residency Debut


Audience members immediately tracked songs and costumes on social media as Gaga floated onto the stage (over Katy Perry) in the Park Theater of the Monte Carlo Hotel.

Just hours earlier the singer had released an intriguing anime preview of Enigma with a Gaga avatar (up top). 

“What’s happening to me?” the Gaga avatar asks in the preview clip before an alien creature responds: “Hello Gaga.”  The preview appears to resurrect PetGa, an “alien” interface of an app that generated users’ auras that appeared alongside Gaga’s 2013 ArtPop album. The scene is recreated and expanded on stage in the Enigma debut.

The show rocked the highlights of the clip, mixing anime with cyber alien, topped off with borg-like outer space costumes, killer choreography and Gaga vocals.

Songs included “The Edge of Glory,” “Poker Face,” “Dance In the Dark,” “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich,” “Aura,” “Applause,” “Paparazzi,” “shallow and “Scheiße,” sung as Gaga “rode” a giant metallic multilimbed robot.

Enigma will alternate with Gaga’s Jazz & Piano concert at the Park Theater throughout the year.

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