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 developer Blizzard has bad news for fans ahead of the Wrecking Ball release date.

The 28th Overwatch hero hits PS4, Xbox One and PC on July 24.

But fans aren’t too happy with the hero’s name, preferring Hammond over his official title of Wrecking Ball.

Speaking to VG247, Overwatch designer Geoff Goodman said that there are no plans to change Wrecking Ball’s name. 

“We’re all actually really surprised by that as a whole team,” he said.

“Certainly anyone can call him whatever, we’re not against any of that. Tracer’s name is Lena, so people do call characters by their names sometimes.”

Goodman also talks about Wrecking Ball’s backstory, explaining what happened when the hamster landed in Junkertown.

“He landed in Junkertown and set himself up in this arena, and that’s the name he chose for his own character in the arena,” he continued. “People didn’t even know he was a hamster in there.

“As a character, I think he would prefer to be called Wrecking Ball.

“We really like the name Wrecking Ball so it’s not like it’s going to change any time soon, that’s for sure.”

Recent rumours have suggested Hammond will launch alongside the Summer Games event for 2018.

The Wrecking Ball release date announcement was accompanied by a video of Hammond running on top of his weaponised wrecking ball suit.

Interestingly, the backdrop of the video appears to be the same used for last year’s Summer Games event.

This has led to speculation that the 2018 Summer Games event will launch on the same day as Hammond.

Blizzard is yet to make an official announcement, but the Summer Games event shouldn’t be too far behind.

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