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A tense game series culminated in a victory for London Spitfire this weekend as alsmot 20,000 fans packed out the Barclays Centre in New York.

Taking the first set of maps in a 3-1 battle, London Spitfire showed their mechanical prowess by rolling over the the Philadelphia Fusion in startling fashion.

Some odd strategy decisions from the Fusion, including subbing out off-support Boombox, disrupted their rhythm and made it difficult to recover in the face of a strong Spitfire line-up.

The second series ended much in the same fashion, with Spitfire taking home the victory 3-0.

The Grand Finals was watched by more than 20,000 people in the Barclays Centre and more than seven million people worldwide.

The Philadelphia Fusion, while impressive in small bursts, did not offer much throughout most of the maps with London Spitfire dominating most of the finals.

When does Season 2 start?

Rumours have already started flying around the internet regarding the changes the Overwatch League Season 2 will bring to fans.

Blizzard Activision has been quiet on when they will be launching the new season, as it will presumably rest on how many teams they will bring in.

This week, ESPN reported the Overwatch League’s newest teams may hail from Paris and Guangzhou China for the new season.

Activision has been keen to expand the Overwatch League to incorporate more international audiences as the League currently focuses heavily on South Korean and American markets.

It is rumoured McCourt Global, who owns the French football team Olympique de Marseille, will buy the Parisian team.

While Guangzhou’s team will be owned by Nenking Group, which has complete ownership of the Chinese Basketball Association.

These teams could cost anywhere between $30 and $60 million each.

The league currently has 12 teams but it is speculated they could bring another two to six teams from across the world.

If this is the case, fans may have to wait a while for Season 2 to start.

Once the Overwatch League has finished, fans can look forward to the All-Star weekend featuring the best players from the inaugural season.

After that, the players will group up with their home nations to play in the Overwatch World Cup.

It is expected Blizzard will announce a new season some time after this, though it is unlikely they will wait until Christmas to start the new season like they did for Season 1.

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