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The PUBG Invitational results are in, and it was a dominant display for Team OMG.

Gen.G Gold were crowned champions in the third-person competition, netting $400,000 in prize money and the coveted golden frying pans.

The PUBG Invitational continued with the Charity Showdown on Friday.

As part of the Charity Showdown, 40 streamers teamed up with 40 professional PUBG players in first-person battles played on Erangel.

Bluehole explains more: “The PGI Charity Showdown will be comprised of four action packed First Person Perspective (FPP) matches set on the original PUBG map, Erangel.

“Each squad will be comprised of two broadcast personalities and two PUBG pros, all fighting for a piece of the total $1 Million USD to donate to charity.”

The winning team (Team Papa) consisted of Evermore and Juankorea, as well as Gen.G Gold’s GOLD_SimSn and GOLD_EscA.

Team Papa won $600,000 for charity, which works out as $150,000 per player.

Second place went to Team Alpha, which consisted of mifengaaa, 4AM_GodV, 4AM_GuCun and 4AM_Kenny. They won $300,000 for charity.

Team Fox would win $100,000 for charity after coming third. The team consisted of VLDL-Ben, VLDL-Rowan, KNIGHTS_Voxsic, and KNIGHTS_TEXQS.

Saturday and Sunday’s competition saw 20 different teams compete for another $1 million in prize money, this time in first-person mode.

Team OMG eased to victory, securing the overall victory with a massive 3,425 points. The win saw Team OMG take home $400,000 in prize money.

Team Liquid came close with 3,220 points, while Welcome To South Georgo finished with 2,875 points.

Second place was worth $160,000, and third-place a not too shabby $100,000. The rest of the tournament’s $1 Million prize pool was divided up among the other teams.

Global Invitational matches feature tweaked rules that were made available to the public during the competition.

This includes a faster Bluezone and point scoring based on rank and number of kills.

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